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Sailor Austin Ass Up

Active Duty

Austin is one fine hunk of a Marine. Things started off like always with an initial solo jack off video and Austin was primed and ready to go. He start talking about the biggest load he’s ever shot right after he finished boot camp. He hadn’t jerked off the entire time so he was more than ready. He says that load probably could’ve filled up a lube bottle. He says he jacks off at least once a day. He’s been in the Marines for about a year and a half. Austin said that the only time he ever did anything with another guy was when he got a blowjob. He then tells us a little about what he’d be interested in doing with another guy. Austin gives us lots and lots of nice ass play and shows us what he’s got to offer. I think you’ll agree that he’s got everything it takes and more. The way he shows off that perfect ass is amazing. If you’re not drooling by the time he’s done, don’t worry, I’ve drooled enough for us both.

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